For Jamaica representative and shitamachibobsleigh


Latin America the Caribbean, the famous island of Jamaica with reggae music everlasting summer. Snow ice there is also a story that began a bobsled from not even hot country in the country became the scene of comical and touching the painted movie “Cool Runnings”. Also in recent years is a country that has produced an excellent athlete of the world’s physical abilities, such as Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.


The Jamaica and downtown bobsleigh has been realized to talk like a dream that aims to Korea Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 to cooperate. Downtown bobsled is, I received a rejection notice in the 2018 Winter Olympics from Japan bobsled-luge-skeleton Federation in November 2015. Downtown bobsled that are promoting domestic sled development received it, called for a free offer of the sled in Jamaica Federation in December 2015. Test visited Japan in Jamaica of players and coaches in January 2016. Jamaica team who appreciates stability and parts of the accuracy of the sled, the Manufacturing force immediately corresponding to the needs of the players.


Towards the 2016-2017 season, the third generation to become like warp the development and manufacture of starts, opened a new stage curtain that change the world in the combined downtown bobsled excellent Jamaica and the power of making small and medium-sized enterprises of the body’s ability It has been the cornerstone.

For Jamaica bobsled team


Jamaican bobsled team for the first time competed to become famous in Canada, Calgary Olympics in 1998, continue to compete until the Salt Lake Olympics. There was a blank from the Turin Olympics, but has become a hot topic competed again in the Sochi Olympics. In 2014 it has entered into technology director Todd Hayes of former bobsledder Americans toward the 2018 Korea Pyeongchang Olympics. Also aim medals Jazumin player with a track record of W Cup third place overall is naturalized in Jamaica is its own roots.

Jamaica bobsled team visit to Japan testsliging video