Challenge from Japan

ShitamachiBobsleigh Network Project is a manufacturing project of a dream. A small factory in Ota-ku, Tokyo cooperates and challenges. They have begun to make a sleigh to challenge the world.

Overview of Shitamachibobsleigh →

The craftsman with high technology who makes a Japanese product is making a Shitamachi Bobsleigh.

There are 3500 factories in Ota-ku, Tokyo. The 90 percent are a small factory of less than 19 employees. Those factories are good at manufacturing high-quality mechanical parts with a high degree of accuracy with specialty by cutting, grinding and a welding. The factory cooperates, is developing a bobsled and is aiming at Winter Olympics. That's ShitamachiBobsleigh.

  1. Grinding Grinding
  2. Horizontal boring Horizontal boring
  3. Wire discharge cut Wire discharge cut
  4. Forging Forging
  5. plating plating
  6. Sheet metal Sheet metal
  7. Resin Resin
  8. Heat treatment Heat treatment
  9. Cabon Cabon
  10. Welding Welding
  11. milling milling
  12. Lathe Lathe
About bobsled production →

Make a sled made in Japan

Even if it's small-scale in Japan, there are a lot of companies with excellent technology. Those small companies join the hands and continue the sleigh development.
The performance of the sleigh is an important element by a bobsled play. ShitamachiBobsleigh produces a sleigh by an excellent craftsmanship.

About our bobsled →


  1. It was published the English site
Notice List


  1. New Sled of The Jamaican bobsled team
  2. It signed a Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation and the partnership at Kingston.

Ota City is a craftsman and an industrial town.
Factory with high skills in a location very close from Haneda International Airport has been integrated.
In Tokyo's 23 wards located at the most southern part.
Population of about 70 million people.