Shitamachiboblsleigh was launched the project in autumn 2011.In the season of 2012, the first time in Japan's Nagano slid the Unit 1.

From to complete the first unit in 2012, it was produced the five sled so far. Chassis is making further three. Also remodeling and repair we have gained a lot to experience.

From 2012 in Japan and abroad a lot of players and coaches has been actually developing on the basis of the advice riding a sled. Until now had slid are Japan, Germany, Austria, Norue, the United States, such as Canada. Many are employed in Jamaica representative to leave the race has been expected.

Passion to want to make a fast sled.
Passion to want to make a good product.

We have repeatedly bobsled development and validation.
Craftsman of passion that want to make a good sled has been moving the project.
Shitamachibobsleigh of parts production has been provided free of charge of the volunteer spirit.

We have the solution of manufacturing.

Development and manufacture of new sled is continuing.
2016 is making a new sled of a total of four.
We are important to interact with the players and coaches.
Shitamachibobsleigh other than Japan slid in Europe and North America.